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Competitor Training Membership
This Competition Class is for RX and scaled athletes who want to work on their gymnastics & weightlifting, add volume to their current training load, and want to represent their local gym at competitions.
Class will be held on Tuesdays at CrossFit South Park from 5:30pm - 7:30pm. All Athletes will be given 2-3 days of accessory work to be completed on their own time (posted in beyond the whiteboard)
We only recommend joining if you're serious about putting in the hard work, and want to compete at the local level.
Requirements below must be met to join this class:
Barbell expected working weights
Snatch - 135/95
Clean - 185/125
Gymnastics & Skills (Multiple reps)
Chest to bar
Ring & Bar Muscle Ups
Strict Handstand Push Ups
Handstand Walk
Double Unders

Barbell expected working weights
Snatch - 95/65
Clean - 135/95
Gymnastics & Skills (Multiple reps)
Jumping Pull Ups
Hand Release Push Ups
Wall Walks
Single Unders
Limit: 1 class per Week
Programs: Competitor Training
LocationsSouth Park
Group Elements
In this small group class you will learn all the basics to be able to join a CrossFit class safely and confidently.
Monday - Oly Lift: Clean
Tuesday - Press Series
Wednesday - Deadlift and Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Thursday - Oly Lift: Snatch
**Please note -  we are only offering Group Elements Classes at :
CrossFit Potrero Hill 175 DeHaro St @ 6pm
CrossFit South Park 361 Brannan St @ 7pm

We are offering Private Elements Packages at all 3 locations
Limit: 5 classes per Week
Programs: CrossFit Lite, Group Elements
LocationsPotrero Hill, South Park
Nutrition Training
Nutrition is at the base of CrossFit’s theoretical pyramid on an athlete.  As such, we are happy to provide a structured approach to nutrition at Crossfit Potrero Hill, Crossfit Mission Bay, and CrossFit South Park.

Tier 1 Nutrition Coaching- Baseline Offering  $250/month
For those of you who are interested in understanding nutrition with a baseline approach, we offer you a Tier 1 Coaching Package.  This package requires a minimum of a three month commitment and includes the following:

Alignment of Goals to nutrition plans
Review of Dexa Scan or different body composition testing. We recommend *To be paid for by participants*
Development of a meal plan- (Macros, Intermittent Fasting, Paleo, Paleo-Zone )
Weekly check in (virtual or in-person)
Evaluation of performance along with adjustment to nutrition plans.

The coaching will be provided by:
Christopher Comma  -  Precision Nutrition Level 1 Cert, CrossFit Nutrition Cert, CrossFit Level 3 Coach
Liran Krell - Precision Nutrition Level 1 Cert, CrossFit Level 3 Coach

Book a Free 20 minute Nutrition Consult by emailing either of the coaching above.

*This membership offers no refunds or holds

Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Nutrition Coaching
LocationsMission Bay - SFF Soccer Fields, Potrero Hill, South Park
Unlimited MB
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit, Open Gym
LocationsMission Bay - SFF Soccer Fields
From $199.00